about us

OUR MISSION: To Know Christ and Make Him Known
OUR PURPOSE is to fulfill the commands of Jesus to make disciples of all people, seeking to bring glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in the areas of prayer, study of God's inerrant Word, sharing the Good News, personal and corporate worship, living in community, and practical service. Living in community means striving to follow the "one anothers" listed in the Scriptures, primarily in the New Testament, regarding how members of the Christian community relate to each other.
Grace church is a group of Jesus' followers who strive to become a caring family committed to corporately and personally introducing others to Jesus our Lord and helping one another grow in our relationship with Him through Bible study, prayer, and serving. Our primary values are 1) submission to the authority of Scripture, 2) the importance of prayer, 3) the significance of serving, 4) the necessity of lay leadership, and 5) the priority of telling others about Jesus. In all things we seek to bring honor and praise to Jesus.