Gary & Chris Persons
The Lord has faithfully brought the Bolinao translation through many years of work. On October 29 and 30, 2012 the Bible containing the Old Testament in the national language and the New Testament in the Bolinao language was dedicated. A small hymnal was also published and available in time for the dedication. We invite you to celebrate with us and pray that God's Word in Bolinao will change hearts and bring forth much fruit.

Gary and Chris are working on the Bolinao project remotely from Maryland and return to the Philippines twice a year for about a month each time to encourage the use and distribution of the Scriptures and hymn development, encourage the pastors, interact with teachers for the development of teaching materials for Bolinao speaking students and work with the local team in Bolinao on the Bolinao Dictionary and Grammar development. When not in the Philippines, Gary is working on these aspects over the Internet. Chris assists with work on the Dictionary and also assists our Director in the Philippines on administration and translation projects budgeting and serves on a committee that awards scholarships to Philippine nationals who are pursuing training in Bible Translation.  Locally they are also teaching classes in English as a Second Language.
Hi Him,
Gary and Chris