The overseas missionaries supported by our church are listed below. Mission prayer cards with contact information are available in the church foyer near the Missions Board.
Jonah and Amy Haddad
Jonah and Amy Haddad are serving with ReachGlobal in Lyon, France. Pray for them as they ... more

Adam and Michelle Morgan
In 2010 our "spiritual" but mostly secular family found our way to Grace ... more

Larry & Bella Mori
Larry and Bella Mori are serving with ReachGlobal in Sendai Japan where they lead the Sendai ... more

Gary & Chris Persons
The Lord has faithfully brought the Bolinao translation through many years of work. On October ... more

Garth & Jody Pederson
Garth serves as Mobilizer for the North Central Region (MN, ND, SD, NB, IA and WI) looking for ... more