Believe Sermon & Life Group Series

Would you like help in a daily Bible reading plan? There are several options to choose from:

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Bible Reading Plans
What do you believe? Why do you believe it? It's one thing to know Bible stuff, but another to live it. The Believe Series will lead us through the process of knowing what the Bible teaches. Together we discover or reconfirm what we believe and examine how we can fully live those beliefs, with the goal of becoming more and more like Jesus.

There is an option of purchasing the Believe book which is a condensed version of the Bible organized into topics. Groups will have the additional resource of video instructions on most of the toics.

Join the conversation each week in one of our adult Life Groups or on Sunday mornings during Sunday school.

If you would like to have more in depth study materials before the sessions. They can be found below when they are made available.

Session 29 - Humility
Session 28 - Gentleness
Session 27 - Faithfulness
Session 26 - Kindness/Goodness
Session 25 - Patience
Session 24 - Hope
Session 23 - Self-control
Session 22 - Peace
Session 21 - Joy
Session 20 - Love
Session 19 - Sharing My Faith
Session 18 - Giving My Resources
Session 17 - Offering My Time
Session 16 - Spiritual Gifts
Session 15 - Biblical Community
Session 14 - Single-Mindedness
Session 13 - Bible Study
Session 12 - Prayer
Session 11 - Worship
Session 10 - End Times
Session 9 - The Church
Session 8 - The Holy Spirit
Session 7 - Salvation
Session 6 - Jesus
Session 5 - Sin
Session 4 - Humanity
Session 3 - Angels (and spiritual reality)
Session 2 - The Three-in-One God
Session 1 - The Bible