Bogus! Lies Heard in Church Every Week

It is not uncommon to hear big, fat lies in the church foyer. Believe it or not, it happens every week!
Some are misconceptions based on false assumptions. Some are bad ideas taken from the culture around us. Some are deceptive falsehoods disguised as truth. But in the end, they keep us from healthy spiritual growth and fully engaging in God's plan for us.
In this short series we will examine a few of the most common fallacies and errors heard in the church foyer almost weekly. And we will provide solid truth that will liberate us to fully embrace what Jesus has in mind for us.
Starts April 12.
Lie #1 – "I can't help it, that's just the way I am." (The truth about change, spiritual growth and personal responsibility.)
Lie #2 – "I worship on Sunday morning, that's all I need." (The truth about worship and passion.)
Lie #3 – "They don't need me." (The truth about ministry and service.)
Lie #4 – "God's not doing anything." (The truth about God's plan for your life.)