4-Week Sermon Series Starting September 2015!
Godliness in a World Gone Haywire - Study of Daniel

"When it comes to the book of Daniel, his incredible example of how to live and thrive in the most godless of environments is the main lesson we don't want to miss. It's a template that's particularly relevant today.
We live in a world gone haywire. Our moral fabric seems to be decaying at breakneck speed. Things that were once shamefully hidden are now publicly celebrated. The previously unimaginable has become commonplace. In a few short decades our culture's response to a Bible-believing Christians has gone from grudging respect, to a patronizing pat on the head, to a marginalizing indifference, to outright hostility.
It's mind-boggling - and a bit scary.
Yet Daniel steps into our confusion and fear with a book that contains the life-changing rebukes, correction, and training in righteousness we so desperately need. He offers us a model for not only surviving but actually thriving in the midst of a godless environment.
He found a way, in a culture far more wicked than anything we face, to glorify and serve God with such integrity and power that kings, peasants, and an entire nation turned to acknowledge the splendor of the living God.
Which raises the question: How did he do it?"
(Thriving in Babylon by Larry Osborne)